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claims assistance



If an event occurs which may give rise to a claim, please contact us as soon as possible.

Our Recommendation Procedure for lodging claims

Please have your policy number ready and the name of the insurance company (this will be on your current policy schedule/invoice).

Most insurers now encourage you to lodge claims over the phone (for car & home claims) directly with their claims department, doing it this way speeds up the claims handling process and records all the details straight away (normally takes around 5-10 minutes) at the end of the call you will be given a claim number & instructions of what to do next.

With Business/Commercial policies, the insurance companies still require claim forms to be completed. Please let us know so we can arrange for one to be sent either via email, fax or by post (you also can print them off on there website's). 

Once your claim has been lodged our office will then keep a running record of it's progress, until such time as the claim has been settled.     

What you must do

If an event happens which may give rise to a claim you must:

  • Take all reasonable precautions to minimise the claim and prevent further liability.
  • Notify the police immediately of any theft, attempted theft, or malicious damage to property (your insurer will ask for a copy of the Police incident report).
  • Send to us immediately any letters or communication your receive from other parties.
  • It is always good practise to preserve any products, appliances, equipment etc..damaged as evidence.

Verification of value and ownership

When you make a claim for loss or damage your insurer will ask you to provide proof of ownership. Keeping receipts, valuations, photographs and instruction manuals help you to verify ownership and establish the value of the item/s.

We are here to help

When it comes to making claims, we understand that you want action and a fair settlement from your insurer, if for what ever reason you are not happy, please contact our office for advice and assistance as help is a always available.

(W) 03 9578 0917

(F) 03 9578 2090