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why use a broker

Professional Insurance Brokers (McKinnon) are subject to strict screening before being admitted as a NIBA Member, we also agree to enforceable codes of conduct and practice, and subscribe to an external complaints facility. NIBA brokers employ Qualified Practising Insurance Brokers (QPIB’s) who undertake continuing professional education. This ensures we are up to date with industry trends and changes so we can provide you, the insurance buyer, with quality service and advice.

Professional Insurance Brokers (McKinnon) can save you time, money and worry. Like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with impartial professional advice based on years of training and experience, a qualified broker can do the same with your insurance.

When arranging insurance, many people take shortcuts without seeking proper advice, understanding the fine print or considering whether they are getting value for money. Often they end up with cover they don’t need and even worse without the cover they really do need.

Whether its business, home, motor or life/income protection insurance, we provide advice and assistance to make sure you are properly protected.

Professional Insurance Brokers (McKinnon) have access to lots of different policies because we deal with a wide range of insurance companies and sometimes other types of underwriters as well. We are aware of the benefits, exclusions and costs of competing policies on the market. We will help arrange and place the cover and can often provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget.

Using a broker doesn’t necessarily cost more. Often it costs less because we have the knowledge of the insurance market and have the ability to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. We will also explain your policy and any special conditions you need to watch out for.

We also act on your behalf when claims are lodged with your insurance company.  Should any problems arise, we are here to help.